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TER Priscilla

What have you been doing for the past few years?

I moved over here and went to school at Temple, but it was really to live here in Japan. I moved back to the states after I graduated from Temple University. Then I started working at a dispensary for two years. Now I am working at a Japanese restaurant and I’m working on getting my Real Estate license in the states. If I could get investors from Japan or people or people who live in Japan, who come to the states and are looking to invest; I would love to have a job, where I could work with Japanese people and come back and forth the Japan. I’m just taking it step by step.

What are you doing in Japan?

I’m here for vacation. I’m still jet-lagged and it’s day four now. I am getting up at about 7 or 8 everyday. I’m only here for two weeks, so I have about a week left. It’s going by so fast. I’m actually going to go to Hakone on Monday because it’s a holiday.

What is your youtube channel about?

It’s called the Foreign Tokyian. I haven’t been keeping up with it. I started it when I was living here. I majored in production so we had to start a youtube channel for our class project. We need to do it with a group of people. After the class, I took over it, and used it for travel videos. I toured around Japan and I was always into music, so I interviewed some people and it was really fun. There are a lot of foreign artists who are pursuing music out here and a lot of Japanese people are in love with hiphop.

What are the next steps for you to get your real estate license?

I finished getting my certification to show that I’ve done the classes. Now probably when I come back to the states, I have to send in an application, and then get accepted. When I do, they’ll send me a date for my test, so hopefully within November I’ll be working. I’m the type of person who is a butterfly, with a kind of like go with the wind type of attitude. I haven’t had a steady job for longer than, maybe like a year or two. I like to jump around a lot. I’ve lived in Oakland and LA for four years. I don’t have any children and I’m not married, so I have the freedom to leave when I want. The goal is to do what I want to do. Not to be stuck behind a desk or be a part of corporate. It’s very robotic, especially if it’s publicly traded. I want to be in a career that I want to pursue.

Is it hard living in Japan?

It’s so easy for me to come to Japan because I have a home here. I would love to travel more of the world, but like I said, it’s expensive. In my family I’m an only child. Actually I have a half sister, but we weren’t raised together. We have the same father, but my dad and her mother met in the states, so I’m the only Black and Japanese child of my mother. My parents have a cabin home in this place called Karuizawa and it’s so beautiful and while it’s hot here, it’s amazing, especially in the summer time. It’s in the mountains so it’s a lot cooler and it’s known for scenery and nature.

What did you do when you were living in Japan?

I tried to travel a lot when I was in Japan. I went to Okinawa. It’s so beautiful over there. The flights aren’t that expensive either. I also went to Kamakura, which is where the big Buddha is. You can catch the regular train there. It’ll maybe take an hour and 20 minutes. It’s near the ocean. When you get there, you can either walk to the Buddha or you can rent bikes and it’s so gorgeous. I had some friends who would come visit me and of course I would take them to Asakusa, where the Sky Tree is. In the winter time, I went with a Tokyo snow club with my friend Derek. We went to Nagano. It was a lot of fun and the people were pretty cool.

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