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It started way back when...

I bought my first camera in 2004. I took photos, captured videos, worked on creative projects and picked up design. Since then I always had a passion for talking to people, sharing stories, and acquiring and sharing knowledge or inspiration. I'm interested in understanding why and how people think and behalf, which is what I focused on in university. Post-univerisity I found that the love teaching and I would like to continue doing so, but not only through the traditional medium of the classroom. I could learn, discover, and uncover more about the world and the people who inhabit it, which I find fascinating. I got the itch to travel and work in 2015, so I've been living and working in Seoul, Tokyo, and Hokkaido as an educator, but I haven't lost my dream and love for creating and sharing content about people and the world. If you  like what I do, allow me to bridge the gap between you and your audience, whether they be viewers, students, or potential customers. 


Talks Eats Jams

Rush Hour


To bring news topics, perspectives, food insights, and music-related content to viewers, readers, and listeners. 

Recording Time


To be regarded as one of the interesting and reliable sources for news, entertainment, culture, history, fashion, music, travel, mixology, and food content.

Recording Time
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