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Thai Chicken Curry: Easy & Affordable

Hey there Talks Eats Jammers,

Craving some Thai Chicken Curry, but not sure how to make it? Never fear, I did most of the research and work for you. All you have to do is read and follow directions. This recipe was actually something I tried out on my own and then gave the recipe to my brother. It was so good, I decided to share it with you guys.

Here is the original message. Not very detailed huh? After I wrote this I started listening to Sean Kingston’s Fire Burnin’. I’ll leave this here so you can play it in the background while you scroll down.

The Full Directions


Onions 🧅 (Chopped of course)

Bell Pepper (Chopped as well)

Chili Powder 🌶 (Depending on how spicy you want it)

Salt 🧂 (I used pink Himalayan salt, but the regular one works too)

Pepper (I like the whole pepper in a pepper grinder, but the regular one is chill)

Chicken Breast 🐓

Mushrooms 🍄 (Sliced into bite size pieces)

Coconut Milk 🧉

Lemon Grass 🍋🌱

Thai Curry Paste/Premade Mix

Green/Red/Yellow Curry Paste or a Packet of Ready Made Mix (Tiffany Hopkins posted a list of good ones you can get at the store or buy online). I used Roi Thai for mine.


To begin, chop up some onions. I heard that if you have a small candle (a small tea-light-candle works too) and light it before chopping, it reduces the chances of you tearing up. Try this and comment if it actually worked! I’d like to know.

Next dice up some Bell Pepper. Since I like my Thai Curry a bit sweet, I use red and yellow bell pepper. Green can be used too, but it’s not as sweet. To each their own. You're the Chef.

Quickly dice up the mushrooms. If you’re in a hurry just break them apart with your fingers if you don’t care about the shapes.

Cut the meat last so you don’t have to wash your knife twice. Dice up the chicken into sizes that you prefer. Before you start, wash up some white or brown rice and put it in the rice cooker while you’re cooking. It should be ready by the time you are finished cooking.

Put some oil in the pan and set the heat to medium low. One the oil is ready, throw in the onions. While you are waiting for them to golden add in your chili powder. Just a warning, if you use a ready-made curry mix, they usually come spicy as is, so be warned. I also like to add a bit of turmeric. Don’t forget to stir those onions. If you don’t, they’ll start to burn.

Salt and pepper the chicken. If you are cutting down on your salt, you can skip this step. I just love salt and pepper. Once the onions are golden brown, add in the chicken. If you want to caramelize your onions you can, just keep in mind it’ll make your curry even sweeter. Personally, I wouldn’t because the onions are going to cook for a while so they’ll get too soft.

Make sure the inside of the chicken is cooked. Use a pair of tongs and a knife or a pair of kitchen scissors to test it. No salmonella people! Once the chicken is cooked add in the coconut milk and Thai curry paste. I go generous on the paste because I like the spice, but as mentioned above; the ready-made mixes are usually spicy as is.

Add in the bell pepper. Depending on how crunchy you like your bell pepper, I add in the mushrooms afterward so the bell pepper is relatively tender. Mushrooms cook super fast, so put in some lemon grass at the same time. Once you simmer it for a bit, it should be good.

During this time taste the curry with a spoon and adjust for salt or spice. Make sure that the chicken is fully cooked before serving and you are ready to enjoy! Remember just because a dish doesn’t turn out looking good, doesn’t mean it doesn’t taste good. If you try the recipe out, drop a comment to share your experience and happy cooking!