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Power Plant D Tower Seoul

It was the beginning of my birth month. What’s a birth month? It’s basically when you celebrate throughout the whole month and you treat yourself because one day isn’t enough. Letty found a cool spot for us to go to dinner. It was a surprise, but she knows I like craft beer and comfort food. She chose to take us to Power Plant in Seoul.

We took the subway to Gwanghwamun station and you can get out of exit three. If you turn left out of the exit you can see the D Tower Building. To me the building looks like a box of assorted milk and dark chocolates. You’ll see what I mean. Take the escalator up to the third floor. It’s easy to get lost in here because there are so many floors and restaurants. It doesn’t hurt to walk around and see what’s inside because you will more than likely want to come back to this place again to try a different restaurant. In this building there are many restaurants to choose from, ranging from cafes, fine dining, desert shops, and more.

A quick read from the article on the JOH Company website will reveal what the D Tower looks like and what is so unique about it. I like that the staff uniforms resemble a newsie vibe. We put our names down on the list and it was about a ten minute wait. You have the choice to sit at a table or a circular raised table with stools. We preferred the raised table so it would be in the center of the restaurant. It may be a little strange to sit on for long periods of time because your feet won’t touch the ground, but it was enjoyable. When you are getting seated, staff will ask if you want to add on a 10% service fee for waiters to bring food to your table. We opted out for that, but whatever makes it more pleasant for you is the way to go, right?

They have a mini food court within Power Plant. You have the options for Coreanos, Buzza Pizza Express, Gilbert Burger, The Lobster Shack, and Manimal Provisions. We bought wings and nachos. The wings come in spicy and regular bbq sauce. I chose regular because, while I do like spicy, I didn’t want to mix too many different types of food and flavors at once. They were just small dishes from a a couple of places, but it was already filling. Especially with a flight a beer and a beer of the best ones that we liked afterward. They have two types of flights. They are both good and you are bound to find one or two that you like. Each flight comes with eight cups of beer with a description of each of them on the placemat under the glasses. I got a kick out of the jet black heart name because it’s my nickname #theycreatedthisespeciallyforme #probablynotbutiwillcontinuetothinkso You also have a choice of the type of beer glass that your beer comes in. I recommend that you buy at least one flight before ordering a beer blindly.

We would have stayed longer, but we learned many times that if you overeat or overdrink, you end up feeling worse regardless of how good the food or drinks are. Sometimes it's so hard to say no to more food. Life is hard. We ended having a great time and it was fun to try out so many different things thanks to the mini food court inside. Thanks Power Plant! The power is yours!



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