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Nakatsu Brewery in Osaka, Kita Ward

Need a nifty place to enjoy a few craft beers in Osaka? You gotta check this one out. Nakatsu Brewery opened in August of 2020. This brewery aims to grow their own hops locally and celebrate everyone's hard work in making this a success.

I stumbled upon this craft brewery while walking from the Hearton Hotel in Kita Umeda. I liked the raised platform seating so we decided to walk down and talk to the brewer. He said there were a few beers from the brewery as well as some beers for clients, which were also available. We tried four different beers and they were pretty good. They also have some interesting art by the wall to take pictures with. If it's a nice day, be sure to stop by so you can review this place for yourself!


Beers were typically ¥600 to ¥700.

Directions: (12 minute walk or a 7 minute train)

1. Take a 12 minute walk from JR Osaka Station (FREE)

2. Take the Midosoji (Red) Line to Nakatsu station. It's only one stop away from Umeda Station. (¥190)

3. Take the Kobe/Takarazuka Main (Brown) Line to Nakasaki Station. It's also one stop away from Umeda Station. (¥170)

4. Take a 5 minute taxi from Umeda Station to the brewery. (¥660 for the first 2km and then ¥80 for every 296 meters after that)