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TER Toji

When did you realize you liked fashion, make up, and design?

I was six years old and I saw Indian and Korean traditional clothing for the first time. It had a strong impact on me. From that time on, I just liked the clothes. I used to like to put them on the floor and coordinate fashion outfits. This started from when I was six years old.

Who did you spend time with when you were younger?

I spent a lot of time with my grandma. I used to cut up clothes and design them into different outfits. She was never mad at me. She was always happy *laughs*.

If you could visit your family tomorrow, what would you do?

I would go shopping with them. Grocery shopping probably. Maybe buy some vegetables to make dinner. I really like meat dishes. A dish I could eat every day would be chow fan or chow han. Do you know what it is? It's made with mixed fried rice, vegetables, and meet. It can be made with seafood or meat. I like it with any types of meat possible *laughs*


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