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Time Travelers Hostel Hongdae

Seoul, South Korea

I initially had my friend Alan book a room for me here so I could hang out with him while he visited Korea. We were planning to go on a snowboarding trip early in the morning and the busses were leaving from Hongdae, so we figured we would eat, drink, hang out, and maaaaaaybe take a nap before getting on the bus at 5:30am. We didn’t even have time to nap because we were too busy hanging out and drinking with all the new friends we met. Here’s what you need to know!


The hostel is located near Hongik University (aka Hongdae). Dae is a shortened version of university in Korean so it’s the casual way of saying the formal name.


If you want the easiest version I recommend getting out of exit 2 and head straight out and continue walking on the left side of the fork. The fork will eventually become Yeonhui-ro 연희로 and you should make a right on Yeonhui-ro 2-gil 연희로 2길. It should be about 60 meters or 200 feet from when you make made the right turn.

Of course you can do the closer exit 3, but it faces a perpendicular direction, so if you are like me and you need an easy route that might be 5 minutes longer, go with the first choice. I still got lost in the little side streets despite having a data plan and gps 🤷🏾‍♂️


Security Lockers

Air Conditioning

Self Catering Facilities

Common Room


Hot Showers

Hair Dryers

Washing Machine

Cable TV





The room layout is like a dormitory with many bunks and single beds to a room. You can choose between a female only room or a mixed dorm room. It’s around ₩20,000 or $18.60 for a night. I feel that it’s a good price because there is a bar downstairs and many people congregate there for pre-partying or figuring out where to go eat or sightsee as a group.


  1. They have lockers. This is very important for those of us who are bringing expensive cameras, laptops, go pros, and other valuables. Yes you will meet nice people, but if you are an expat, you probably have had your run in with getting ripped off or robbed a few times. Security is important.

  2. Free Wifi. No data? No problem, they got you covered for iMessages or Facebook messenger.

  3. There’s a bar. It’s small, but it’s a great place to start your night with cheap beer and soju. If you are on a budget, this is a sign from god. Plus it’s a great place to meet new people and make plans for the rest of your time in Seoul with some great people.

  4. It accepts cash and credit upon arrival

  5. It’s a party hostel. There is no curfew. If you came to drink and explore the area, you are in the right place.


There are not that many, but due to the price or accommodation options it doesn’t hurt to know before trying to book

  1. There are no individual rooms. It’s a party hostel. The price has been kept low because of the lack of single rooms.

  2. It’s non-smoking. This isn’t too bad because you can just have a smoke outside. This would only be a factor if you are too lazy to open the door and sit on the stoop or if it’s freezing cold and you must smoke inside.

  3. If you don’t cancel within three days of your booking, you will be charged for the cost of your first nights stay. At this point if you don’t have wifi, data, or access to a telephone to notify them of your cancellation, $18.60 isn’t too steep to be too upset.



This hostel is a great place to meet people, drink, find new places to visit, eat at, and have fun in the surrounding area of Seoul. They have wifi, storage lockers, and a bar to suit your mobility, security, and thirsty needs. If you aren’t convinced yet, see their reviews for yourself on hostel world.

Information gathered from my own experience and on Hostelworld. Follow @timetravelerhongdae on instagram to see some more pictures!