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TER Cedric

Where are you from and why do you travel?

I’m from France. I travel because I’m 32 and when I was younger, I was from the generation growing up with Dragon Ball Z, but with no subtitles and only French versions of it. During school I was always in classes that didn’t move to any other country. Other classes would go to Germany, London, but I was always in classes that never had any trips. So I decided that in 2010 I would go to Tokyo. I had to take my revenge and go farther than anyone else. The place could be very cool because what we see from Japan on TV was nice. I’m more interested in Asian countries and America.

Have you traveled to other countries?

I’m been to Spain and Germany. I didn’t even visit all of France.

What are you doing now and what are you doing in the future?

Actually I’m not aiming to work here in Tokyo, but I’m thinking it could be a good thing. I see their pastries, but it doesn’t look at all what we have in France. Their croissants are nothing like France. Maybe why not? In a few years, maybe I could try to start something here. Maybe I could make a real croissant over here. I’m studying the Japanese language a bit, but each time I go back home, I get more motivated to learn more.

Where do you want to travel next?

I’m thinking about traveling to South Korea. Maybe somewhere else besides Tokyo haha. I’ve been here many times, but it’s different each time. Before 2010 there weren’t a lot of big brand western shops. After that time, many stores starting popping up. Even the metro didn’t have as much English or other languages besides Japanese.

What do you think is different from France and Tokyo?

People’s mind. They are respectful. How can I say. Security maybe? In France, if you are out in the street after midnight, you will cross with only weird people. Here it’s like people, everywhere, anytime, it’s safe. For girls too. You can dress anyway you want. Boys aren’t like they are in France. It’s safer here. The Police are really nice and they apologize a lot for just doing their job. They ask is it ok if we can see in your bag or ask you questions what you are doing here? It’s fine, you are police officers, just do your job. In France they are like cowboys. Get on the wall!

After you change things, do you remember what you did or do you ever write things down?

No, it’s never the same. Maybe I should haha. You could cook the same pastas, but the things you put on could change everything.

Do you have any siblings? What’s your family like?

I like my family, but I don’t see them very often. My sister is thirty minutes driving away from my home. I only see them for big events like Christmas and other things. I like them, but I am not attached. If I lived far away from them, it would be ok. I would be ok.

If you could change time, what would you do differently?

I would change my motivation at school. I wasn’t bad at school, I was bored. So I did nothing, but if I had been more motivated, things could have been better. I think if I was younger, knowing what I know now of Tokyo, I would be motivated to try to come here to stay and live here. Now I’m 32 and once you are more than 26, it’s kind of hard to work here.

What makes you happy?

It’s only been two years working in pastry. I don’t see myself working at a desk with a computer. I’m more into manual things. I like to create. I like to make things on my own. I never follow recipes the way they are. I always change things. It’s never the same.

Why did you want to become a pastry chef?

The idea came to me three years ago. I just got home from Japan. I had a shitty job for eight years and I had to change. I thought that Japanese people like French pastries. I like doing something manual. I cook a lot. Nobody comes in my kitchen. It’s my kitchen haha. Like at home my girlfriend in France asks me, can I help you? I tell her no, you touch nothing.

What’s your favorite dish to make?

It depends on who is coming. If it’s a close friend, then pizza, pasta, or party food. That or burgers, but not with fat cheese. Lots of vegetables. Healthy and tasty things. I tried Mc Donalds and some in Ikebukuro’s burger. It was a Hawaiian burger. It was called Luau or something like that. I’ve been going there since 2010. There is a French YouTube called Burger Tour. He went to Chatty Chatty and he said it was a 10/10.

When will you come back to Japan?

I could come here every year, but If I stay in France I can save more money to come back and spend it over here. In 2010 and 2013, I came to the Summersonic Music Festival. In 2013, there were a mix of Japanese and Western bands. Most tickets get sold out very fast even for metal bands.

If you were to move here, what would you do?

I would have to learn Japanese in France first. I’m not too sure at the moment, what steps I would specifically do, but I want to come back. I think I would move to Asakusa. It’s my favorite part of Tokyo and I’d like to open my pastry shop there.



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