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TER Jojo


So why are you going to Nepal?

I’m going for a basecamp trip. It will be a 16 day back to back trip. There are two ways of entering; from Nepal or Tibet. Last year I went to the Tibet side, but this year I will go on the Nepal side.

Are you an avid hiker?

I am a hiker. I think avid hiker would be an exaggeration haha. I think the longest hike I have ever done was five days and four nights. In Japan though, I usually do day trips or at least three or two days. I think you will love Japan. It’s very common to go on short hikes at anytime of year. I usually go to different mountains every year. I’ll let you know when I go, so you can join.

What did you study in University and what are you doing now?

I am doing marketing now, but I studied psychology in University. I switched to marketing because I think psychology is a very broad think to do. So I wasn’t really choosing marketing to begin with, but I really like beauty company’s. It just so happened that there was a marketing position in a beauty company. It kind of fits into what I am doing. I am very passionate about it. Eventually I got into marketing. I liked makeup in general, but it was just because I liked putting makeup on. It think it’s very common to watch tutorials. I wasn’t this extreme, but after I joined L'Oréal, I became more interested in it, I realized I could make a living out of it. I’m not a professional makeup artist, but in this generation, you don’t have to be a professional makeup artist to have a career in makeup. It’s my sixth year in L'Oréal now. I was in L'Oréal Malaysia for three years and I was in a PR position where I organized events for a very small company. I felt that the career path was very limited. Now I have been in Japan for three years.

What do you take away from people you meet?

When we were younger, we wanted to be like other people. Like "Oh I want to be like him or her." Like oh that person is inspirational, but do I really want to be like them? Not exactly. I want to LEARN something from this person. I don't want to BE this person.