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Satsukiyama Zoo Osaka

A group of us went to Osaka to see the Björk concert last month. It was tons of fun. We went to the show, ate some great food, drank, talked about life different things. All in all it was a great experience. The next day we woke up and we decided to go to the zoo.

The Satsukiyama Zoo is not very large. Although it's small, there are quite a few different animals and it was fun seeing the zookeepers feed and interact with them. The emus were my favorite among the animals. It's interesting that they are the second largest living bird, second to the ostrich. I was fascinated by their eyes. Although they don't like being observed in the wild and can become quite aggressive if you look at them too much, the ones in captivity don't seem to mind it as much. You might hear a grunt or a booming vocalization if they become irritated or restless, but overall it's a great experience watching them.

My second favorite was the owl. When I was younger I lived in a housing area next to the train tracks and a big field and every now and then I'd see an owl or two. Usually they'd come out at night and they would try to catch mice in the field or near the train tracks. Owls are virtually silent, especially while hunting. Some may think they are quite noisy, but owls hoot mainly to announce their territory and presence to others.

One of the big reasons that we decided to this zoo was it's home to the oldest living wombat, Wombat Wain. Unfortunately he didn't feel like coming out. I don't blame him. It was raining a lot. That didn't stop us from having a great time. The gift shop had some cool stuff, but I had to try some of those cotton candy dippin dots. It was a much needed blast from the past. Insanely sweet, but it brought back great memories. Check out the Satsukiyama Zoo if you are looking for something to do in Osaka on a weekday or a weekend.

Satsukiyama Zoo

Admission: Free (donations are accepted)

Location: Satsukiyama Park, 2-5-33 Ayaha, Ikeda City, Osaka 563-0051

Directions: Take the train to Ikeda Station 池田駅

You will have to walk up a hill. Be prepared for the incline.