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Kokusai Ski Resort

I just got back from doing a day trip at the Kokusai Ski Resort.

I had my doubts about being able to get good runs in down the mountain since it's so late in the season and it's been fairly warm recently. I was still able to find some powder at the top. I really enjoyed the texture of the snow because in the untreated areas, the patches of snow created nice little rises to play around with.

I bought a day pass when compared to the four hour ticket, it was only several hundred yen more expensive. Since I had my own equipment it costed me only 円4,800 (there was an additional 円500 deposit so you could use a lift card, but once you returned it at the end of the day, they gave you the deposit back).

There were three main courses down the mountain. One went down the left, another through the middle, and the last one on the far right. There were runs with treated snow for easy riding, hills of various inclines, mogul runs, and a few jumps here and there.

All in all I'd say I'd be back because it wasn't too crowded, the snow was above decent for this time of year, and the tickets weren't too expensive for a full day. The icing on the cake was the little shop at the top of the mountain. Sure the ice cream was a bit expensive, but it's worth it because it's Hokkaido Milk Soft Serve Cones. A cone is around 円620 and it's about 円500 for a cup. I'm not going to go all the way to Hokkaido and not get a cone. It was worth it. If you had ever had cremia ice cream, you would understand. If you haven't, then do yourself a favor and buy one already. They are amazing. Thanks Kokusai Ski Resort. I'll be be back!


By Train/Bus

You can take a bus at platform 17 of the Sapporo Station bus terminal.

Cost: 円1,300

By car

A one hour drive from the middle of Sapporo

Day-Pass Lift Tickets:

Early Season ¥3,900/ Winter Season ¥4,800/ Spring Season¥3,900

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