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Henry's Burger Daikan-Yama

I found this place by chance. Funny enough, it was a couple days after I went to Bashi Burger Chance. I don’t know what it is, but I have been having these deep cravings for burgers lately. Is it the cheese? The patty? Maybe it was due to seeing the skaters from Osaka with @d_c_bofficial Either way, burgers here are delicious.

Terra Coffee

So as I was leaving Matsunosuke NY, I stopped to grab a quick coffee from a nice man and woman who owned a coffee stand by the name of Terra Coffee. I purchased a bag of their coffee grounds and they were nice enough to grind them for me, since I don’t have a coffee grinder myself. As I was about to get on the train to go from Daikan-Yama Station to Speak Easy because my friend Killian worked there on Sundays; I noticed a burger joint across the street and I thought to myself, yeah I could totally get a burger after getting pie and two coffees.

I walked across the street and I walked in. I love how unique burger restaurants are in Tokyo. They all have a really nice vibe and each one has its own style. Henry’s was quite small with only four seats, but it had a bench inside where you can either eat on your lap or wait for customer’s to leave.

Henry's Burger Daikan-Yama

They have a simple menu, which consists of three sets and some single burger options if you only want to get it by itself. Burgers are around ¥880 while a double patty is about ¥1180. The sets start at ¥1180 and go up to ¥1480 and ¥1790 for a single, double, or triple patty burger with fries and a drink respectively. I don’t play games. I didn’t want to even consider having just one patty. I ordered set B immediately. My stomach got the best of me and I couldn’t finish all of the fries. Curse the person who said you should stop eating before you feel full. There were people waiting to sit down, so I tried to finish up fast. If you aren’t very hungry, get the double patty burger by itself and you should be happy with it, unless you are burger warrior and have a nack for putting away burgers like Squidward when he found out how good grabby patties were.

Set B

Something that stands out about Henry’s Burger is its sauce. I don’t know what’s in it, but it reminds me of a thousand island’s savory type of sauce, only it’s richer. It’s definitely not like In-N-Out, but I enjoyed it very much. I like places that have their own homemade sauce. Fatburger for example has an amazing sauce with their turkey burger. Don’t believe me? Go try it and then message me how thankful you are.

Last Bite!

As I was leaving, I saw that Henry’s also allows you to place an order for pick up before you arrive through an app called Picks! Next time I am going to try to see how this service works and update you guys! I bought some pins for a momento. I will be placing one of them on my future leather jacket for sure. I want to start collecting pins and keep them on a jacket for my time in Tokyo. Strong life goals I know.

Check out Henry's Burger for more information and directions on how to get there. Googling it on google maps should allow you to find it easily after getting off at Daikan-Yama Station. If you are bad with directions, look at this image from their website. Till next time. Stay hungry friends!

Directions from Daikan-Yama Station




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