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Chicken Parmesan & Asparagus: A Quick Recipe

Want something that will give you enough energy for the night to last you until the morning? I recommend making a grilled parmesan chicken with garlic and asparagus to hold you over. It’s healthy, tasty, and really easy to make. I was able to make mine in about 30 minutes. Check out the process below!



The Chicken

If you want to have the most tender cuts, its better to buy a couple chicken breasts from the market, but if your chicken is frozen, just transfer it from the freezer to the refrigerator before you leave for work or head out for the day. If you are like me and forgot to transfer it, just pop it in the microwave and set it to defrost. Remember that most chicken breasts are around 100 grams which is the typical serving size for one person.

The Vegetables

Many things go well with chicken. I love garlic so I end up throwing in a few diced cloves with olive oil to get it infused with the meat. I decided to use asparagus for today’s dinner and it turned out well. It’s easy to make because you just need to rinse the sprouts, slice off the hardened endings and then slice them in convenient sizes to fit into your pan, grill, or microwave oven.


Make sure you dice up some garlic and get your pan hated to medium low. Throw them in and move it around every so often until they are golden brown. Move them towards the edge of the pan and then get ready to set the chicken inside.

Before setting in the chicken in the pan, make sure you salt and pepper it on both sides so that it’ll retain the flavoring. Set the heat to medium for a couple minutes before setting in the veggies so that the heat can have an even consistency throughout the pan. Let the chicken cook on medium heat for 6 minutes on each side. It’s important that you cook it all the way through because you will get food poisoning if not. A good way to check to see if it’s done is to do a test cut. If the meat is pink, it’s not ready yet. You will know when the meat is cooked when it’s white and its consistency is firmer with the meat having a stringy texture when split.

While you are setting the chicken in the pan you can simultaneously put a teaspoon of olive oil in another pan for the veggies. Turn the heat to medium and allow for the pan to heat up before setting in the asparagus. Make sure you put a few drops of lemon juice or simply squeeze a lemon wedge over it. I like putting a few shakes of salt and pepper over it so that it can stick to the sprouts with the lemon juice. Cook for 10 minutes and turn them from time so that they don’t burn. If they don’t seem to be softening, you could cover it with a lid to retain some of the heat, which would allow both sides to cook more or less at the same rate.

To minimize heavy dishes, I like to heat up some marinara sauce in the microwave so that it can be hot and ready when the chicken is done. Once it is, simply take a few tablespoons of the sauce and drizzle it on the top of the chicken. Add some parmesan cheese to it, but don’t over do it. Boom you should be done. Don’t forget to throw the pans, bowls, and cutting boards, in the sink with some dishwashing soap so that washing up will be a breeze after eating. Well that’s that. Let me know how yours turns out. I’d like to compare recipes. Happy cooking!

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