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Bunny Chow: A Recipe Guide From A Bunia

I'll start by saying; No, this dish is not made from rabbits or bunnies. Bunny Chow is a South African dish made with a hollowed-out loaf of bread filled with curry. It’s roots are Gujurati based, coming from the slang word “bania” referring to a Gujarati person. I’m half Guju so this dish was my go to besides chicken potato curry, beans curry, Samp and beans, and tin fish egg curry.

The taste can vary depending on the ingredients. Typically chicken, mutton, and vegetable bunnies are common. I’ve even tried fish curry ones that were good too. You don’t have to choose what’s always popular.

If you made it this far, you are a fan of curry. Let’s get into it. It’s so simple to make. Just take your favorite curry and pour it into a hallowed-out loaf of bread. I recommend plain white bread. Sometimes it’s challenging to find a loaf of bread that isn’t sliced already. Try the bakery or the grocery store. The bakery might be the best bet if one is available.

I realized that cooking a curry may be difficult, so refer to my Chicken Curry Recipe and this can fast track you to the next part. Once you have cooked your curry, take a bread knife and cut the top off of the loaf of bread. If you don’t use the correct knife, you may haphazardly cut the bread into a clump. Trust me. Remove the top and then cut out a cylindrical or rectangular-prism slice, but don’t go through the bottom of the bread because the curry will fall out. I made this mistake a few times, so don’t worry it’ll still taste good.

The proper way to eat this is with your hands. Many people think this is gross, but obviously you should wash your hands before doing so, especially in these coronavirus times. Simply break a piece off of the bread and dip it, cup it, or cradle it into the curry before eating it. You can use a spoon if this seems overwhelming.

Not a bread person? That’s fine. Just use naan, roti, rice, or eat the curry by itself. I gotta tell you, I didn’t really like white bread that much, until I smashed a bunny. If you like this recipe feel free to check out some other easy quick recipes such as






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