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Boiling Crab & Shrimp in Itaewon

I really love seafood. I don’t know what it is. Maybe it’s that my dad used to ask me to get a big whole plate full of shrimp or crab at buffets for him, because it looked better if a kid did it rather than an adult. Maybe it’s because I don’t eat pork or beef so my options were limited. Either way it’s awesome and I can’t get enough of it. Besides home cooked food, my favorite seafood restaurant has always been the boiling crab.

The original chain has restaurants in California, Texas, Nevada, and Hawaii. What makes it so special? It’s the sauce. The whole shebang. Garlic, spice, pepper, lemon juice and who knows what makes up this delicious bag of wonder. They bring home eating to the restaurant where they spread a giant sheet of paper for a communal plate. I love having ketchup on the table. It makes it so much easier to manage.

On to the seafood. You have options of crab, shrimp, lobster, crayfish, and mussels. You can mix in some corn or potatoes, which are highly recommended. It is served in a plastic bag, which sounds scary at first, but it locks in all of the juices. Trust me.

I was watching Chef David Chang’s ugly delicious on Netflix on crayfish and it’s Vietnamese fusion. It was hard to sit through it after seeing a medley of butter, garlic, and spices getting boiled with the crayfish. What was I to do? Korea does have seafood, but would it have something similar to the LA Boiling Crab restaurants? Turns out they do have one in Seoul.

The location was near bull and barrel, but when I check on my maps, it popped up in a different location near Noksapyeong. I called the place and they assured me it was correct. When I arrived on the first floor it was a bit difficult to find. Don’t forget to look up, as many restaurants in Korea are in higher floors. I took the elevator up and had a great dinner. I recommend you get a mixed bag with shrimp, mussels, potatoes, and corn. I tried ordering fries as well, but it was overkill and it was more than we could eat. It’s definitely worth a stop by if you are living Seoul and want a taste of some proper seafood prepared the Cajun way. Happy eating!


Take line 6 to Noksapyeong station. Walk out of exit 3 and walk across the bridge.



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