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Wiggle Room

Wiggle wiggle wiggle, yeah! It’s funny how life works out. It’s good to have goals and things you’d like to do with a clear plan of how to do it, but at the same time, there has to be a little bit of wiggle room so that you can get by and be happy with how things go at the same time.

Every now and then it’s really nice to be reminded that some things don’t always go as planned, but it’s up to you how to spend your time and enjoy yourself. An interesting thing happened to me last week for my birthday and although it’s something minor, it’s a nice reminder of how to live life.

A week and a half ago was my birthday on Wednesday, but since it’s always during the holiday season, grouped in with work, work parties, other friend’s birthdays and other events, I wasn’t able to really plan anything super big. I did however find out that The Weeknd was coming to Tokyo in Chiba. I bought a few tickets and invited a couple friends.

So, the standing area at concerts in the U.S. are usually up front. The seated area is usually for people who don’t want to dance and just sit down. Little did I know that the concert was set up with the standing area toward the back. Huge buzzkill, however one of my friends decided that since there were so many empty seats up front, we could just go to those areas until people showed up. We ended up doing it and it was awesome. People did end up showing up and were mildly upset, but how upset could you actually be for people who were in your seats for the amount of time you weren’t there. We seat hopped twice and the only downside was that I left a water bottle on the floor and we couldn’t go back and get it.

Here’s what I learned from this situation. Sometimes you can feel trapped within the confines of your job, neighborhood, city, country, situation, etc, but there is always a little wiggle room to make it bearable. If you are able to bend the rules a bit to have fun and still go through life being as polite as you can, sometimes that’s all it takes to be happy.

Side note, it’s weird AF being at a concert as if there is an unspoken excessive dancing limit rule. I don’t know. All I know is that I enjoyed myself and that night turned out to be quite fun, except for missing my train and having to walk back home haha. That’s another story.