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Nasu Queen’s Mountain Camp & Lounge

Before you read this, know that I wasn't paid anything for this promotion. I just really enjoyed our stay. A quiet cozy place that is perfect for enjoying warm nights in a cabin on snowy days. A bbq grill is provided where you can buy firewood or charcoal briquettes for reasonable prices. We went to Nasu for New Years Eve.

It was filled with tons of eating, drinking, and I couldn’t have had a better time.



You can get there by a combination of train, bus, or car. The Tokkaido Shinkansen can get you to Tokyo to Nasushiobara for about ¥6,220. From that point on you can take a 50 minute bus, but then you would have to walk for 20 minutes to get to the camp. I highly recommending renting a car. It makes it much easier to get to the camp, go to the grocery store or some of the restaurants in the area. It's worth spending the extra money for a car.

Renting a car

It was pretty easy to rent a car and we had no problem driving, but unless you are an experienced driver I would recommend using snow chains. Black ice can be a bit scary, so it's better to be safe.

Buying Groceries

We stopped at a grocery store by the name of Ohtani. We love the baseball player so we thought it would be a perfect choice. Grocery stores in the area were usually running out of items on the weekend nights as most tourists or people traveling seem to have the same idea. So, try to get there before the late evening for more options of what to eat and drink.

Choosing the best weekend

A two night stay will run you from anywhere around ¥25,000-¥50,000 depending on the day and time of year. Try to pick a weekend that's not too busy because of a three day weekend or a holiday and you should be fine. This place is nice enough to have a great time even if it's just a one night stay.

那須 Queen’s Mountain キャンプ & ロッジ

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