English Lessons

Do you need to take some English lessons, but you don't have motivation? I can teach you via zoom or in person at a cafe!

1 Lesson



+¥1500 for additional


30 minutes


No Discount/Cash

All Lessons Include



* Phrasing/Wording

*New Vocabulary

*Study Advice 

Package A

5 Lessons




5% PayPal Discount



Package B

10 Lessons




10% PayPal Discount



Package C

20 Lessons




15% PayPal Discount



Pay with PayPal to save money!  More than 20 lessons will be discounted by 15% of the original lesson price. Paying in Cash gives you no discount.


Lessons for the office, talking to coworkers, bosses, participating in meetings, going on business trips, attending conferences, etc.


Lessons for meeting people, introductions, asking questions, making small talk, so you can feel comfortable using English with foreigners casually.


Lessons for particular needs regarding specific situations. (Examples meeting foreign in-laws, hosting a business associate, attending a wedding, etc.)

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