English Lessons

Do you need to take some English lessons but you don't want to go through the hassle of signing up, buying materials, and listening to CDs of recordings? Don't worry about all of that. I will meet you in a cafe, bar, or somewhere in Tokyo and we can work on speaking and grammar corrections together. Look at the different tracks below and we can get started!

English For The Office

Trial Lesson

Price ¥1,500

- 1 hour Assessment

-English Goals/Usage

-Speaking Ability

-Advice/Learning Strategy

1 Lesson

5 Lessons

10 Lessons

Packages can be agreed upon, but the full amount shall be paid up front. Packages will only be discounted if cash is paid beforehand and if 5 or 10 lessons are purchased at once. Partial refunds will be given if more than half of the lessons have been completed. No refunds will be given if more than half lessons are unused. More than 20 lessons will be discounted by 15% of the original lesson price.

We use English for many reasons. Whatever that reason may be, we can work out what your goals are and we can agree on a schedule to meet and practice. Each lesson will be ¥3,000 each, but they can become cheaper if you choose different lesson packages. If you are interested include your name, an email to contact you and a short message about yourself and why you want to learn and practice English. Please include a package preference if known.




Example Message:

Hi Tej,

My name is (Given Name, Family Name) and I am interested in taking English lessons. I am from Tokyo and I work in Sales. I want to be able to use English with my coworkers in the office during meetings and I would like to be able to speak to my coworkers after work when we drink or eat food together. I would like to take one lesson first before I decide to purchase more lessons. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


(Given Name)

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