Cooking With Cito

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I moved to Tokyo in May with two suitcases. I managed to find my way around the Tokyo Metro and pulled my bags up to my share house. I was supposed to meet the manager at 9am for the move-in-appointment. I waited outside on the steps and read my book. Countless people walked in and out of the building, but no one would allow me to wait in the lobby. I was exhausted. Eventually someone who went for a jog earlier, came back and then handed me a water bottle as she started to water the garden outside. That was the start from the kindness that I experienced from some in this share-house. 


I would go on to meet Cito Wheelington who organized weekly cooking club dinners. He would come up with recipes, members would help I'm shop for the ingredients and then he would direct everyone on how to cook it. He's such a great person. Really warm and welcoming and fiercely loyal to his friends. 


After I moved out of the share-house I wasn't able to attend many cooking club dinners, but I hope to attend more of them in the future. Stay posted for more photos to come.